November 19, 2010

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas- 1

Holiday season is here!!

Who doesn't love a beautifully hand wrapped gift... You feel so special when someone puts in time to decorate. Here are few Eco-friendly Gift wrap ideas, which I found Interesting. 

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 What caught my eye was the Zafrani Basmati rice bag used as a Gift Wrap.
What an amazing Idea !! 

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Clockwise from top left: banana leaf with cinnamon, bamboo leaves with hemp twine, bamboo leaves with star anise, banana leaves with reeds, birch bark with a feather.

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You can find the Dove Stencils at the above link

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Am smitten with these eco gift bags. Wouldn't you love to get a special gift wrapped in this beautiful bag.  It's a present in itself!  The only problem is which to choose.

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Recycled paper as Gift wraps

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How are you going to wrap your gifts?
Do Share your Ideas.

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