November 14, 2007

Mind mapping

What is Mind Mapping?
Mind Mapping is a term that I came across while studying Human Computer Interaction subject at Indiana University, Bloomington.

The term, Mind Map, is a diagram(flow-chart) to represent words, ideas, or tasks and link them around a central key idea.

Guidelines for Mind Mapping:

suggests using the following foundation structures for Mind Mapping:

1. Start in the center with an image of the topic, using at least 3 colors.
2. Use images, symbols, codes, and dimensions throughout your Mind Map.
3. Select key words and print using upper or lower case letters.
4. Each word/image must be alone and sitting on its own line.
5. The lines must be connected, starting from the central image. The central lines are thicker, organic and flowing, becoming thinner as they radiate out from the centre.
6. Make the lines the same length as the word/image.
7. Use colors – your own code – throughout the Mind Map.
8. Develop your own personal style of Mind Mapping.
9. Use emphasis and show associations in your Mind Map.
10. Keep the Mind Map clear by using radial hierarchy, numerical order or outlines to embrace your branches. [1]

An idea map is similar to a mind map but does not adhere to the above guidelines. Rules are constantly broken based on the purpose and application of the Map.

Tool I am using:

FreeMind - A free Mind Mapping Software

I have started using this software recently....

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